ATLAS ⟲ BLUE (madeofcore) wrote in pradeda,

001 | ACTION

[ hello, passengers. ATLAS has just awoken. he's not sure what's going on. but he does know that he should be looking for answers. and you know what always yields results? buttons.

sure, they're not the big red round buttons from Aperture that he's used to, but surely all these buttons must do something!

so yeah, ATLAS will be clomping around the ship mashing his hands on any button he sees! as a result, you may or may not find him suddenly flipping your cabin door open if you haven't locked it, or suddenly sliding down to your floor on the elevator, or popping open any accessible lockers, or fleeing from the shower rooms because he accidentally turned the water on. if you are nearby he will probably bound over to interact with you!

TL;DR robot is everywhere (anywhere you want him to be!) mashing buttons. what do. ]

[ ooc ; you can specify a location if you'd like, or i'll just guess and make something up! :) ]
Tags: *atlas, *nymta jaxx, chell, p-body, riddick, †DAY 01
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